Redefining Remote Work

2020 Vision

The pandemic forced us to reimagine not only how we work, but also how we connect.

Covid has undoubtedly brought hardship, misery, and misfortune to millions of Americans, and billions around the globe. Our medical future remains hazy – and there is no doubt that we are still on a path of recovery from this tragic world event.

But time spent locked away inside has reminded us about the importance of connecting outside.

It’s reminded us of the mental, physical, and productive benefits that come with the freedom to recharge outdoors. It’s reminded us that each breath of fresh air throughout the day can be of our own agency, either enjoyed at home, in an office, or in a mountain town. And it’s reminded us – above all – that life is short and the world is worth seeing.

That feeling has become our mission at Nomacasa.

We recognize that the new working world will demand connectivity, but also enable flexibility.

That existing vacation homes don’t always offer vocational peace of mind, but instead increase anxieties about traveling to remote areas while working remote.

And that life can be more enjoyable with balance, rather than brute work.

In our personal and professional lives, physical spaces serve a different purpose today than they did before the pandemic. At Nomacasa, we are creating new ways for individuals and teams to be empowered with spaces that inspire.

We can't wait to redefine remote work with you.